Wednesday, March 21

Day 26

It's been 26 days since the fire. To the right is what remained of the Silver Bullet. The carport is double wide. The fire started on the north side and she was parked on the south side. Flames climbed up the wall and ran across the ceiling, down the southern trellis creating an oven of intense heat. The drivers wheels blew, as did all the windows. There were lots of explosions. It's ridiculous to be attached to a car, but it was hard to see her towed away. A clear message from God that it was time that I let her rest in peace.

Repairs are coming along slowly. The house still smells of smoke. I just returned from a business trip to have reports of flooding in the basement room. So now we have soggy, mildew carpet smell competing with lingering smoke odor. Fans run constantly making it even colder in these high-30's temps.

I've tried numerous times to contact the tenant coaltion without any luck. I know that the landlords will be expecting rent soon, however it seems the conditions are not suitable for living. Where is the balance in exemplifing Christ and not getting walked on? Two guys have moved out already, a third is on his way out. I'm not reacting the way I typically would which is confusing to me. I still feel we have a purpose for being here...but also want to be smart in our decisions, not getting walked on, being a nuisance (without being a jerk) so they will want to sell the house, keep peaceful relations so they don't jack our rent up in the fall. This situation is so frustrating....I wonder if this is what it feels like to live in Ukraine.