Saturday, October 24


This is me........and how I feel. Actually, more the sentiment. I don't feel so bad as much as the tickle in my throat that gets no relief from coughing, yet coughing is all my body wants to do, but not do cause ridiculous amounts of coughing only amount to a throbbing headache and a throat tickle that is, well, not funny at all. Ugh. After 3 weeks of this... I'm done! Lord, please take whatever this thing is away, or let me die.

Wednesday, October 21


Well, tonight I had the privilege to attend my friend's debut... Her first live-in-front-of-a-crowd-other-than-her-family performance at a funky little place called Cafe Racer. What a wonderful surprise to see her so well composed on stage. I shouldn't say "surprised" because she's always such a delight to be around, it's not surprising in the least that the show went off without a hitch. Sure, Heather acted all nervous... but, she loved it. It's great to encourage her now at the beginning stages for certainly if she continues to pursue music, she'll be a great success and me? Well, I'll just be one of the "little people in a flannel shirt". There is a sample of her music in the right column. I think I'll put up a new song.

In regards to the title. Well. It is becoming more and more evident that I am a person of contradictions. For example, in talking with one friend about the whole blog thing, I reluctantly passed the address on to her. I say reluctantly, not because I'm not proud, but just not sure if I want people that I know reading and knowing a bit more about me (behind my back, sorta). But then again, I have her to thank for spurring me on to posting something new since I get kinda lazy about it. We talked about Montana and how beautiful it was... I really should post some photos from there. So... therefore... henceforth... read my blog... Wait! Don't read my blog... if you do... don't let me know that you do... but uhhh... actually... a comment or two would be encouraging cuz who doesn't feel alone in the world from time to time? See??!?!?? Contradictions.

Finally, I hope you are enjoying the Autumn colors wherever you are. We had a cold snap that I was certain would bring an early change in seasonal colors. And it's thoughts like that that prohibit me from being an author in the Farmers Almanac. Almost a month later, those long awaited colors have arrived in full grandeur. Below is a one of perhaps a series that I'll post. I really, reaaaaally like panoramic photos....Not a ton of color in this one like others... but this is definitely a path I'd like to go down....