Sunday, June 21

Peace vs frustration

Although there is little to nothing I can do about it, I've been feeling frustrated about my life. Guess the feelings are always there, just some days they rear their ugly heads. Had I been born and raised on a farm, I would know all sorts of things. Things that only (seemingly) a dying few know. Like when to sow and reap harvests, the nitrogen content of alfalfa, how to set & repair the sprinklers, how to repair farm machinery, how to drive a bailer, how to make substantial home repairs and improvements, how to tend a herd of cattle or buffalo, or how to grow a substantial garden, how to handle water issues, how to anticipate and protect from further issues,....on and on. So many things I don't know that I would like to know. The life of a rancher is non stop work, yet, it seems so appealing oR, had I been born in a different state, perhaps love would not have alluded me so easily. Life is what it is though...but I can't help but feel bummed that it's nothing like I thought it might be....

Montana is a gorgeous least the Bitterroot Valley. It's been everything I imagined. One simply cannot help but feel close to God here. The rugged beauty and big sky draws the hearts of men. Women seem to prefer the city with all it's ammenities. Today was a peaceful day with rapid thunder showers rolling through. I'm glad the Lord ordained Sundays to be a day of rest.