Monday, May 31

Memorial Day

More brainstorming with a bud about a hen house. This friend I am dearly going to miss. He's one of the coolest people I know. Although, since he's been married, we've not had much time to connect even though he lives not even 2 miles away...but today was good. He gave me his cichlid, Remy. We used to have fish together. Erik is one of the kinda guys that I've always trusted. We didn't have to do much together, but I admire him and am so very glad our paths have crossed even for just a moment. He took the time to leave an imprint on my life. Lord, keep he and his wife safe, and if possible, bring them back to the Northwest.
I'm still feeling a bit discouraged about how to utilize all my found items. The weather this upcoming week does not look promising. The whole country was in the 80-90's today... we barely broke 60. The sun did break, giving me a chance to take the girls on a field trip outside and chance to refresh their living quarters. More and more neighbors are taking notice of the girls as the flutter and chase each other about. I tossed 'em a worm, Esther (of course) was the first to nab it... but the others gave chase. Ultimately, Ruth won out and after a couple pecks, swallowed the thing whole! She also gave sun bathing a try, but Kevin's got it mastered. She lays on the sidewalk and today, burrowed herself a little hole in the shade of my rose bush. I'm so glad they are alive and growing.