Tuesday, April 3


Is it just me, or is time flying by for everyone else? It's time to talk about some good things. Of course, 39 days since the fire and things are still in disrepair. For example, the maintenance/contractors have scrapped off some of the charred and burnt bits in the carport, added new 2 x 4's, and painted over the blackened surfaces. Obviously, this can't be up to code, nor can the musty mildewing carpet that they flooded last week... but this is a blog of good things today.

First take a look at the new video feature. I filmed the Bellagio fountains while in Vegas a couple weeks ago. It's kindof silly, but entertaining just the same, aaaand without nudity which is hard to come by in Sin City.


The sun shown brightly today. There's still a brisk coolness in the air, but oh, how the heat of that glowing planet warms my soul. Today, I had a man to man talk with a friend and learnt a little bit more about the birds and the bees. I worked on a flyer/poster for a friend which confirms that I am not a graphic artist... however, she was kind enough to give me her approval. I spoke with an individual whom I've tried to befriend, but have always gotten the sense that he didn't like me. Turns out, it was all in my head. One friend is getting more excited as the interview process furthers for a job that is one of a kind. He's a little inexperienced, however, certainly more than qualified to make things happen. I had nacho's and a ham and cheese sandwich. I was given four terrific seats to the Mariner's (including paid parking) that I was able to pass on to one of my guys to share with his friends because of a meeting prohibiting me to go... Turns out that I wasn't really that bummed I came away from the meeting quite encouraged.

It's stil funny to think of myself as a mentor. My burden tonight was not feeling much of a spiritual icon. Sure, our meetings go on for about 3 hours and we have been highly focused on relationships, encouraging one another, building each other to be the men Christ has called us to... so in these respects, I am confident things are ok. My weakness is not being quiet and asking for the Holy Spirit to speak to me and even through me. John 14:26 says that the "Counselor... will teach you all things..." I get all caught up in what I can do instead of listening and allowing things to be done through me. How feeble, my own ambition! Others at the meeting were very encouraging and even went as far to say that I've been an example to them! The consensis ultimately, was that we all need to listen to the Spirit and have someone walking along side us, guiding, encouraging, correcting, praying...