Saturday, April 18

Susan Boyle & Friends

Britain's Got Talent indeed!!! If you are one of the few people who have not seen this, click the title above, Susan Boyle. There are some other impressive acts as well. My favorites are: Flawless (dancers), Stavros Flatly (funny) and Julian Smith. Check them out....

Monday, April 13

Easter 2009

The weather was wacky today with honest to goodness rain. I had lunch at a friends house. They are fantastic cooks. The delightful surprise at the table today was two sauces for the ham. One a cherry pepper that had a bit of a kick and the other a sweet maple spice mustard something or other. They were both delicious! I was sleepy at church, still having a hard time sleeping. Tonight, I saw a friend who's been traveling for the last 6-7 months in Central America. So good to see him and his friendly smile. He's one of those dynamic individuals who people are drawn to and ultimately, I believe, blessed by him. Saturday night I heard a fella speak, a very down to earth bloke who articulated the presence of Christ in his life through stories of surgery and travels. He'd make the perfect grandpa. Aside from some yummy apple crisp, I took away these words he spoke, "...the Kingdom of God is displayed through love and friendships..."