Wednesday, May 4

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Grace, Ruth, Esther & Kevin. Sunday was a beautiful day--it reached 60 for the first time this year. It was a good celebration with Mike and Sarah and their two boys, Jack and Sam. Zach stopped by to see how you've grown. Other neighbor kids, aka party crashers, Josiah, Asher, Pearl, Rose and Marcus, fathers Luke & Reed wished you happy birthday as well. Well all enjoyed strawberry frosted chocolate cupcakes and strawberry lemonade, while you enjoyed your extra special treats of worms, apples, bread & corn. Sponge Bob's happy bday sign decorated your coop. Thank you for all your fresh eggs. Today I'm thankful that I adopted you one year ago. You girls have blossomed into a perfect May Day celebration.

Wednesday, April 6

Wordless Wednesday

If you have nothing good to say....say nothing. That's the rule, right? Well, today is such a day. The sun managed to sneak out for a quick moment on this 36 degree day in between hail and thunder showers. This flowering cherry tree really is a sight to behold. (I stole the whole wordless Wednesday from my friend...of corse, I gotta work on talking less...)

Thursday, March 17

Tuesday, March 8

Bare with me

But this is funny. First, you might have to pause the music player. Then start the video.... but watch the cat. It's a great combo. :D Sometimes, ya just gotta be silly. It could be my imagination, but I think the cat is in tempo.

Dancing Cat

Sunday, March 6

New band

My friend, Charity, is in a band called "the Head and the Heart". They opened for Dave Matthews at McHall Hall for his Christmas benefit concert. They were a hit and continued on tour with him for a couple weeks. Last Friday, I heard them on the radio on 107 The End. Here, for your enjoyment is their very first video...