Tuesday, April 21


OK... so this won't be the biggest confession... more of an admittance... I'm still not a 100% sure of this theory, but...Sunday night after church we have dinner (at church). It's great. It only costs like 2-3 bucks and if you can't afford that, you'll still be allowed to eat. This week, we had, well, i don't remember, but for dessert we had these little ice cream bon bon things. My friend offers me hers (even though it had a bite in it) and as it turned out, it was a jelly! Gotta say I'm not a big fan. Creams and caramels most definitely, but jellies... not my fav. I'm not even that bigga fan of Jelly Bellys. The name just hits a little too close to home--although I have toured the Jelly Belly factory in California and learned that it takes up to 14 days to make a Jelly Belly....I can muster a little room for the pear and popcorn ones... but like them as an occasional treat. My small group used to meet at our mentors house and his wife always had a bowls of peanuts, m 'n m's, hot tamales and Jelly Bellys....and yes... we ALL picked through them. :) Where was I?

Well, this became the topic of conversation on we concluded that jellies aren't most people's favorite. Then chocolate covered gummy bears came in and perplexed us. I like chocolate covered gummy bears...my dear friend Kelly may she rest in peace got me hooked on them. Well, not hooked so much as convinced me that they were good. The conclusion/problem/confession is now that I've compared the two, it should reason that I actually do like jellies. I can hardly bring myself to say it without cringing. Maybe a side by side taste test will need to happen soon.
PS--I got in a fight with the pompous grass (yes, I know it's pampas grass) today. The machete and I won, but my arms & legs are the wounded victims of the battle. Turns out the blades of grass are serrated, so if you go against them, you get these little paper cuts everywhere....they are uncomfortable.