Monday, May 4

Today, my small group made me breakfast. It was delicious. And thoughtful. I came home, showered, then took a drive in the country, seeing parts of this state that I haven't seen before. There were lots of clouds, but the sun was shining bright and just a beautiful day for a drive. Up and over hills, twists and turns, viewed a valley that is typically the flooded in winter, a couple bridges, a dam, a few barns, a few horses, sheep, cows and goats, mere pockets of population terminating at a lake. It was quite the view the whole day through out. Quiet too. Driving home through traffic was a drag...but picking up 5 guys for church was awesome! (it would have been good if I had cleaned out my car first, but two hopped in back and made faces at the cars that were following us. That was pretty funny) The sermon was reliably good. Richard ranted a little story that made me feel we were twin brothers suffering the same circumstances. Saw a couple friends, too. We all had dinner--Chicken burritos. So good! Caught part of the sun set enroute to visiting another friend, laughing mostly about her ridiculous boss. Just came home to prepare for tomorrow... Pretty good day overall. Thank you, Lord.