Thursday, June 18

Cows & Fish

After a painfully slow start, my waterproofed feet were in the East Fork river struggling to find sure footing in the impressive current. Even Brad Pitt would have struggled. I learned a few new things and definitely enjoy fly fishing, but admit that being perpetually out of my element is taxing. I honestly wish I didn't get so frustrated.

The weather changed rapidly throughout the morning, settling on sunshine and cumulus clouds and warm breazes. I tore my shorts big time today. Fortunately my friend was a friend and told me before it became embarrassing. In route to the Greenhouse, I discovered a sickly looking calf. I sought help with no avail. Same no success in searching for boots too. By evening, I pleaded with the owners to help the baby calf...which they agreed just as a coyate crossed the field.

It took some effort by the four of us, but we managed to give it 2mm of penacillin. Mama cow watched from a distance. She might be pregnant again. The calf hobbled down to the pond for a drink, getting his legs stuck in the ponds edge. He choked out a mooo...stammered, and weakly moved his legs out of the mire. As darkness quickly approached, we gave distance to the blue-67 family. Can only hope tomorrow he'll be stronger.

Monday, June 15


The Bitterroot mountains are amazingly beautiful. I followed my heart, my spirit is satisfied, my body sore...I delight in the memories being created here with friends. More updates soon to follow.