Friday, June 18


I can hardly believe it. Yesterday I was watering my garden when to my surprise, I found that my raspberries have begun to ripen. Fortunately, they don't need the sun to do their magic. I picked one and shared it with a friend. Yup. We divided a raspberry. Summer deliciousness filled my mouth. I'm so proud.

I've also been working hard on the chicken coop. The girls are getting big. One question that gets asked often is whether or not they are endearing to me. I'm not sure how to answer that. I'd like to think they respond to me, but then again.... there's a major lack of consistancy. Kevin often jumps up on my hand, but still, chickens are not dogs. Dogs long to be by your side and serve you. Cats, although they have no intention of serving anyone but themselves, still respond better than chickens.

The coop fits just as I had hoped in the corner of our yard and hasn't cost me a cent (items have been purchased, but the coop itself was entirely free). I've used all "found" items from craigslist and keeping a sharp eye out. I'll probably mention this factoid a few more times, because, one, I'm proud of the result and two, I honestly didn't think it could be done (by me). I've met a wide variety of pedestrians as they do a double take not expecting to see chickens chillin in the hood of the university district.