Saturday, March 28

Today, I was kinda overwhelmed with discouraging thoughts and disappointment, accompanied by the Northwest drizzle... so I escaped to my last trip to the Grand Canyon in January. A good friend and I were amazed as the colors began to pop as the sun set. We were even more excited to watch the full moon rise above the yonder plateau. I like the textures as well as the colors.

Thursday, March 26

I'm not sure I'm into the whole global warming fad, however, drawing people together for a cause is a great exercise in humanity. has more info on ideas to make it a community event or just how to be creative with the kiddies when the lights are out. Pretty sweet idea all in all.

Sunday, March 22

Coming Home

All good things must come to an end. Sitting in my 4runner on the ferry, I continued to take long, deep breaths inhaling the salty air and exhaled slowly. Many parts of me would like to remain on this rural island, with their friendly police officers....