Friday, April 9

Hail to the daffs

The weather these days is wacky. Today, it was gorgeous blue skies, then while the sun was shining, it started to hail. Made no sense. I'm amazed these flowers have lasted this long through torrential down pours, 50 mph gusty winds, hail, near freezing temps, pedestrians... Ok, so they don't escape the harms of drunks or bums or even two girls who walked up my sidewalk (and yes, I watched the whole thing as my small group was just ending and we were outside talking)and plucked a few beauties to take home. I..... followed them home. (the girls and the daffs). Yes, it's 11pm, but what were they doing stealing my flowers? Most of you probably don't get it, but the few gardeners out there... you'll sympathize. Anyway, I asked them not to pick any more in the future so that everyone can enjoy them and that Trader Joes sells them for like $2 a bunch. Forgetting that they even had the flowers in their hands, they replied, "What?! We didn't pick anything. We..." then they realized, "...uh... a friend gave us these..." (Stupid girls). "I watched you pick them..." Kinda trying to be nice, "Please do not pick anymore. Good night."

Then I think of Matthew 6:28 "And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin..." Truth be known... I am a little more worried lately.

Wednesday, April 7

Gazing out the window

Everything is wet. My tulips came back this year... and they are very, very clean.

Tuesday, April 6

The Lights Went Out

(leave it to the media to make a bigger deal out of it than what it was-the official news)
Officers hit with bottles while breaking up crowds at UW | KOMO News - Breaking News, Sports, Traffic and Weather - Seattle, Washington | Local & Regional

Rarely...our power goes out. It happened last winter during the ridiculous snow storms. Usually it goes out for no good reason at all. It's a bit of a mystery. Last night, at 11:26 the power went out. You should have seen the fireworks... And heard the cheers. I participated as a spectator (declining my friends pleading to go streaking)... Mob mentality. Interesting. One block over and two down, I was drawn to the chanting. The Greeks emptied out of there dark houses and gathered. The firemen came and went. The policemen came and watched. Bigger and better fireworks. I smell a summer bbq... not the good part, the lighter fluid part of vintage charcoal grills. What started as a small glow, grew into a larger glow. "One. More. Couch." the crowd jeered. The rest is on video... The cool looking brown brick house in background of the first video is where I spend lots of my time hanging out.

My housemate, Jason, took this video towards the end...