Thursday, April 30


100-DAY MILESTONES (with the best yet to come I imagine)

  • Guantanamo closure ordered
    - -No more free meals fellas
  • Ban on abortion funds lifted
    - -free abortions! wehoo
  • Obama unveils executive pay cap
    - -esp to those who didn't support the elections
  • Stimulus plan signed into law
    - -it pays to be deliquent!!!
  • Obama outlines Iraq pullout plan
    - -by sending 21000 more troops
  • Obama ends stem cell funding ban
    - -Sweet... let the cloning being--Dr Zavos free commence cloning dead people,
  • Iran offered a 'new beginning'
    - -we promise not to do anything to make you want to bomb us anymore
  • Obama promotes nuclear-free world
    - -No more Nukes in the entire world!!! Thank you!
  • Obama publishes 'torture' memos
    - -Sleep deprivation no longer allowed, tickle them with feathers
  • Cuba offered 'new beginning'
    - -Cigars all around

  • The US Congress capped Mr Obama's 100th day in office by approving a $3.4 trillion budget for 2010
    - -No more billion dollar a day spending...and really? why cap it at just 3.4 trillion?

    Careful careful now... people hardly noticed in February, but now in April... you are actually getting described as a socialist... (according to recent gallop polls)ya gotta be careful....

Pull a Dory... Just keep spinning... just keep spinning... just keep....

Wednesday, April 29

A bit of a gray day

But this made me smile... I may have even laughed a little. You gotta look close! hahah... here's the driver...