Thursday, June 4

The Winds of Change

So, I've totally slacked on my blog. In some ways, there hasn't been much worth reporting, but in some ways... I've not been able to find a way to be brief. Then time slips by...or....I just get distracted.

The school year is coming to a close, and my friends are moving on. I've enjoyed my college guys and watching each of them grow in their own ways. I complied an album on facebook, a year in pictures sort of thing. It's great to look back over our activities and the all the good times we've had. Our final get together was last night. We played a 9-hole par 3 round of golf in the warmth of the evening. Then it was off to the waterfront for two scoops of yummy ice cream in warm waffle cones. We walked to the end of the dock and watched the sunset. There were laughs all around, good conversation and a healthy dose of appreciation for living in such a beautiful place. We've had a bit of a heat wave, it's early for us to experience temps in the 80's, and the Puget Sound looked too inviting. We joked about going for a swim...pretending to push each other over... then the banter began of, "I will if you will"... and ..."NO, you go first..." Cells, hats, wallets, shoes and socks began to pile up as one by one, they leaped over the railing into the 46 degree water. Certainly, we were the only people in Seattle driving around an 80 degree evening with the heater cranked and blasting.

Tonight, after an Appreciation Dinner, the winds kicked up like crazy. The air has begun to cool. For some reason, I think of Mary Poppins when she says, "I will be around until the wind changes directions." The wind is blowing, this chapter is complete. I can only hope and pray that my guys will know that I am their friend, confidant and mentor, always... my commitment to them has no end.

Our year in pictures can be seen when you click the title link.