Friday, May 14

No Eagles

Sadly, the Eagles concert was canceled today...but my friend and I washed and detailed each others cars and had good conversation. It was in the low 70's for the first time this year and it was glorious. (although, the sun does kinda zap the energy levels.) My housemate just posted a video tutorial on playing guitar... I like his voice. You may have heard him on here before. Here's the link. Sugar is a great song by Garrett Gue.

Monday, May 10

Oi Monday!

Monday. Tough Monday. It's not the chickens...they are fine and growing. Ruth doesn't like to be held so much and is trying more and more to fly. It was a bit cloudy and cool after a gorgeous weekend. James Taylor and Carole King put on a great performance at Key Arena.

Today...something seemed a-rye as I showered. You ever get that suspicious feeling that alludes to something but you can't quite put your finger on it? Well, I went to a friends house with portable hard drive in hand to give him some programs that he'd lost the cd's for. He was thrilled. He was clumsy. Knocked my hard drive over and now it chirps every few moments. It didn't use to chirp. I prefer the chicks do the chirping. I spent about on hour online with Seagate trying to decipher the problem without success.

Four o'clock rolled around and it was time to meet a friend for Starbucks Happy Hour. Yes, you read that right. And yes, I have been taking full advantage. I'll worry about the calories later. I'm not exactly sure what happened. I was at the top of my stairs one moment and half way down a split second later. No bouncing. My right arm got scuffed from my wrist to forearm. I stared at my ankle. "Get up! F'get about it!" I told myself. Off I went. I felt a little nauseous...landing with profound hardness gave my boys a jolt. "Buck up. You're ok." I pressed on. The time with my friend was awesome.

It's been a few hours. I need to whine. My forearm burns. My back is stiff. My ankle is pulsing and tender to move. When I look right, my neck is sore (just now discovering). This means my Tuesday is not going to be fun, huh? I know much, much more could have gone wrong today...I'm sad for the potential of my life to be lost on the hard drive. I'm shocked to have fallen and hurt myself... I seldom get physically hurt. I don't like to be slowed or hindered. Dear heavenly Doctor, Please take these aches and pains away quickly. I will tread more carefully.