Thursday, March 12

Yesterday's Lesson

Just foolin' around and trying to learn how to make comic book style pictures... first attempt. Continuing to remember sunny-er days, attempting to stay warm. If you know any great tutorials on this process... please let me know.

Sunday, March 8

Best in Show

What a day. Another sleepless night, although I made contact with a long lost friend on the other side of the pond. Our conversations have always been to the core of things. One friend mentioned he is having marital problems. This reminds me of another friend who is in the same boat and although I witnessed his wedding and vowed to walk along side them, I have no idea how to help. Another friend wrecked her car last night and is feeling extremely overwhelmed with what has now turned into over-commitments, her new job, family (overbearing dad, ie, "how's the car?" he asks, w/o even asking if she was ok)....ugh! materialism. I feel for her, but not sure how to help. It's in the trying times that we are taught to rely on Christ. It's in the hardships of marriage and friendship, that you discover what real commitment is. The world situation is horrible.... Ireland, Middle East, China... USA... And yet my pastor encourages us to not only cling to but also exemplify hope to the world. How to do this, I've yet to figure out. Like life, the weather today was tumultuous. Sunshine, snow, dark clouds, rain, hail all within minutes. My reprieve? Attending the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show. There were some beautiful animals around. My favorite is still the Great Dane. Admired a few. Pet a few. Wanted one. Lingering thoughts of yesterday interrupted my laughter of the agility trials. My life lacks intimacy.