Friday, May 21

Today, the weather was really blustery... then sunny...then rainy... totally wacky, so I didn't take the girls out. Instead, I brought them a millipede... Esther was very excited... but it kinda got away from her. The next one... oh man. So funny to watch. Esther grabbed it...ran around... the others chased and tried their best to block her... I don't think they've quite learned to share yet. I brought in a worm, and they stood in a line just staring at it... Grace got that one... but repeated the same game of chase, peeping, flapping, running in circles from the others. Funny to watch.
Sometimes in the evening, I'll hold them hoping to reinforce a bond. Keep in mind, I have no idea what I'm doing. Grace is by far the most affectionate one. Esther, the most curious. Kevin...she's an opportunist. And Ruth...some days she likes me, some days, not so much. But the both of us fell asleep the yesterday night. I woke up at 1:30 am with a chicken in my lap. Who knew I'd ever say that out loud?

Monday, May 17

Trying to find some goodness in this yucky day. Here is a picture of small group friends hanging out at gas works park, on Lake Union, with Seattle in the background. It's a nice area to watch the sunset over the Ballard Locks and see the reflections on the skyline and St. Marks Cathedral.