Thursday, March 19

Haven't had much to say these days. I was optimistic that it would be a legendary week since it started off so strong... and maybe it's just a matter of perspective... or maybe I'm just greedy.
Sunday-I got to play with the puppy
Monday-I talked with a dear friend who seldom has a spare moment.
Tuesday-Helped a friend in the garden
Wednesday-Did some billing, which means a little money coming in.
Thursday-is that today? Well, today I'm heading north to Whidbey Island so that I can help a friend move tomorrow. I'm very blessed to know generous folks with cabins up there who like to share. Even though the weather is lousy, (grey, cold & rain are not favorible beach weather), it's still great to get out of the noise of the city, ie-the fire engines, police, and ambulances honking with sirens blasting, driving by now. Humm... maybe I'll wax my car.... I like to take private retreats up there. Sometimes, I do share with others though, taking my small group, which is traditionally a great bonding time. Here's a photo taken just as we were leaving dock. I didn't even have to photoshop it. Taken with my phone-so it looks better on a small scale.

Sunday, March 15

Today, my friends Joe and Anna are proud pug puppy rescuers. For Joe's birthday, Anna got a puppy. Technically, they will deny it since Joe's birthday was last weekend... regardless, Anna has finally gotten her wish. Acer, the puppy, is approximately 11 months old according to the rescue vet. His color is brindle which is really unusual for a pug. Personally, I'm more of a great dane kinda guy, but this little fella is so incredibly soft and puppy like, only the coldest of cold would turn a blind eye. I'm baffled that they found such a pup needing to be rescued. They are still deciding on a name, keeping Acer as a middle name. The best thing about this little guy is his sweet temperment. We sat on the floor and played and held and cuddled him until he couldn't stand it anymore. It was such a treat to be his first introduction into the Joe & Anna family. They will be great care givers and I will do my best to be a good uncle. Name suggestions allowed.

Garrett Gue: Housemate, friend, musician

Tonight, I had the privelege of supporting my friend one of his first live performances at Trabant Chai and Coffee here in the Udist. He and his girl did a great job!!! I finally figured out how to post audio to this blog... least, I think I did, so I've included one of his songs. You can download the entire album from iTunes or facebook. Garrett's kind and great. Support him. Go on... support him...