Friday, October 29


Miss Esther can't make up her mind. Since the sun is making an appearance today, I am hangin' out with the girls, giving them some "free-range" time. While 3 are busy sunning themselves, Esther paces around in circles unable to decide which box she wants to lay in today. She's even checked out the top space by the water jug (didn't even know they could get up there). I swept and cleaned their coop yesterday and added fresh wood shavings and something new, straw. Maybe that's throwing her off? I was afraid the boxes would be too small, but where there's an egg to lay, there's a way. (?) lol

I have a hunch Kevin is starting to lay as well. So exciting. They are small eggs at the moment, and just brown. I can hardly wait for what's to come.

Thursday, October 28

2 Eggs today!

And one funny video