Friday, May 7


At this point, the littles have names. I'm not sure if there is much of a point, but nonetheless, currently, their names are (from left to right), Grace, Esther, Kevin & Ruth. I don't have any kids, and can't remember the last time I had to name something... it's a funny process. Grace is a beautiful thing, a wonderful U2 song, and something I need to work more on in my life. Apparently this little chick had been rejected due to something funny with her neck. Something in me made her my first pick regardless her condition. She seems fine, although, I think a little narcoleptic. When I hold her, she'll stand, eyes slowly close, head nod, and sometimes, fall over. She makes me laugh. Ruth and Esther-for some reason, I thought they were sisters in the Bible, now, realize they were not, however both were very empowered women. These two are supposed to lay blue/green and red eggs. Then... there's Kevin. It was a housemates girlfriends idea. My first thought was, "That's silly." But then remembered how much I liked the movie, UP. Kevin was also a great housemate and friend at one time. He was also my best friend in college and it happens to be his birthday today. Plus, I think it's funny to name a girl Kevin....perhaps too many years listening to Johnny Cash's A boy named Sue. All kidding aside, I definitely want them all to be girls... Roosters are not allowed in city limits.