Saturday, April 14

The Outcome

Once again, the Lord has supplied me with strength and tolerance beyond my own ability. He was faithful in hearing and answering my prayer of patience and being slow to anger. The discussion with the property manager went well. I believe we both began the meeting a little awkward and prepared for a fight, however, fists were not needed. Everything was laid out on the table. They said that they did not want us to move out and were going to continue to make improvements. I am cautiously optimistic. The property manager said he realized in the year he's been working there, that they do not have the best reputation and he would like to change that. He also said that he'd like us to stay, continuing on with what we are doing, and there were no plans to raise rent in the fall. They understood why 2 guys have moved out and deducted that from our rent, but would like it filled or resumed in May. So, now roommates are what we need. .....i'm writing crappy.... what is wrong with me??? I totally got lost tonight...I tagged along to a 7 year old's bday party and took her grandma home, but totally got lost returning to the Pump It Up place... SO twisted and turned around...i can't even tell you where i was...i couldn't tell north from south, east from west....i'm not really tired, but feel like laying down.... Listening to the Album Leaf now... it's melodic and meandering.... like my mind.... can't tell if the the tide is coming in or going out.........just spacey.

Thursday, April 12

Raymond vs Landlord

Tomorrow, rather, later today, I am meeting with the landlords to discuss rent and repairs. Yesterday's (tuesday's) blow of receiving the "pay or vacate in 3 days" notice tacked to the outside of the door settled in as a personal defeat. How I detest that feeling! I knew the moment I opened my eyes this morning that today would be a bit melancholy...I feel disconnected from Greg and other guys in my small group...and others I care so much about... rolling over, cuddling blankets, wanting answers, praying that it would all just go away. Why does Satan know my weaknesses? And why must he insist on using them against me? WHY do i let him have any authority over me??? Pastor talked about fairy tales on sunday... guess I was hoping to wake up to the spell being broken and our house transformed and restored. Sadly, reality affirms that fairy tales are for children and do not exist in this world of materialism and greed.

Lord, help me show Your grace and strength to our landlords. Help me to speak with patience. Give me ears to hear what is truly being said - help me be slow to anger. Please help resolve this situation for the betterment of my friends and neighbors and those that live here. Please give me insight to the plans you have for this house and those that come in contact with us. Help me rely on You. Please change the minds and soften the hearts of the landlords, blinding them to their greed. This whole situation is in Your hands.... .. .

Tuesday, April 10

Happy Easter!

Good Friday service was really good this year. Was this the first time I've been to Good Friday? It was a busy day. Mowed 2 lawns and washed a very dirty car and 3 SUV's. Super gorgeous day and in the mid 70's. Love it when the weather is nice. Had Easter brunch with the Andersons...mexican. I made cheesy cheddar homemade bread, but it was really doughy inside. They were kind with compliments... it tasted ok, but was really doughy. Erg! This always happens when you want to make a good impression. Sat in the front row at church which I never do... Pastor Richard was hitting a point home and actually wacked me on the knee! I felt every eye turn to me and my face go beet red, but still, I tried to play it cool... pretty funny really. Glad I wasn't sleeping!