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My Review of Custom Messenger Bag

The Good Stuff

By Razmond from Seattle, WA on 3/1/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Attractive, Well crafted, High Quality, Original, Durable , Lightweight , Customized, Comfortable , Roomy 

Cons: Strap length a bit short, Only Black Thread

Best Uses: School, Beach, Day Trips, Office, Extended trips , Computer, Picnics, Commuting, Airplane travel 

Describe Yourself: Practical, Comfort-Oriented, Quirky, Particular

The process is enjoyable. Being jealous of my older Timbuk2 bag, my friend told me about the Groupon special, suggesting I buy another one. I caved and we both began the selection process. Good times. I was thankful of the memory of the ever patient gal in the SF store that helped me 4-5 years ago, work out the details. I was able to share some of the same insights with my friend helping with his design.

Can I just say, "thank you" for bringing white back into the palette!

Although I submitted my order before my friend, (surprisingly, I was more decisive having been through the process before) he received his a day before me. No big deal...just interesting.

White. So pristine and pure white. Really like it! My original bag had to settle for the tan/linen color which has worn well. But the white...The white is perfect. Unfortunately, quite possibly the worst con of all.... The black thread. Seams from the back for the velcro shows through to the front. Not so very happy about that. In fact, it almost creases on the sew lines (there are 3). This is not to be confused with the hem lines/stitching colors together. My dislike is for the heavy duty stitching for the velro on the flap shows through to the front of the bag in both the white and orange areas. I know, I'm picky...but this was the very first thing I noticed when opening the package. I was a little let down.

The bag is virtually perfect otherwise. My friend got the computer section and the new bumpy pad is so thin, I have a hard time believing it's as durable as my thicker, foam, corduroy sleeve. Thinner allows more interior space, but less protection.

I opted for the white trim and blue interior. There are pockets gallore. A favorite feature is the red, key chain leash.

My request from my first bag remains after receiving my second...Could you, would you, please make the strap just a bit longer??? Yes, I'm built like a football player. Empty, it's easy to put on...full, comfort becomes more challenging.

Overall, a Most Excellent bag. It was a real treat to purchase my first bag, and just as exciting to purchase my second and to share the fun with a friend. My original, well used bag still looks brand new even after traversing the continent.

Thank you for offering such a superior and durable product.

Volleyball Beach Picnic Bag


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