Friday, April 2

Wacky Thursday

But I got lot force, or by, "there's no getting around it Raymond, just get it done!" With the help of a couple patient friends, mission completed. It might be best understood by working in reverse. I posted this photo earlier today at !:38am. That's when the dust settled. Not dust really, just flour. I was on a mission to make Hot Cross Buns this year and apparently tradition has it that you eat them on Good Friday. Currently, they are rising and awaiting crosses, and to be baked and then quickly delivered to multiple friend's homes. Before I have to leave for the Muse concert. I must type faster. The oven was still warm last night as I made two large loafs of banana bread 'cause my bananas were just perfect for bread after being gone for 10 days. (oops) While the HCBuns were rising, I boiled water for 60 Easter eggs... 12 minutes, no more, no less. Perfect. While the bread was resting and eggs were boiling, I made mixed the banana bread. Bake. Rotate eggs. Work on Easter cards. So, I didn't do Christmas cards, and thought I'd do them at a less busy time. Silly me. Friend from out of town was also staying the night. Thanks for your help, Luke. Let's invite some friends over so you can visit.... and they can help decorate eggs! My small group was supposed to come at 8, but have gone astray. Two other friends, newly engaged, dropped in and helped stuff cards. Some of you may be the lucky recipients of said cards. That puts as at 8:00pm. Walgreens for egg kits. Teriyaki dinner, (out) was at 6:45. Race home in traffic to meet visiting friend. Bumped into another friend who thankfully helped unload the Costco load from the car....only to sit briefly for a visit with Luke in front of a discombobulated entertainment center, because apparently the new DVD player I bought in December is a piece of junk! No time for electronics... I gotta go... lots to do, lots to do. Housemate, "Uhhh... are you guys watching a movie?" I roll my eyes and wonder if he and his gf will ever get out of the kitchen in time for my small group (who never came remember)...but breads still need to made. Yikes. Bread. Gotta go!

Wednesday, March 31

Oh, John Mayer

Welcome to Seattle. Please put on a good show so all your teenager girlfriends will spend all their allowance so that I can make a little bit o money. Are you really singing until 11:30pm?! That's a late show! Been here since 2pm, and I'm already ready to go picted a beautiful day to come--stormy clouds all have silver lining, sunbeams all around...aren't these the bluest skies you ever seen?

Tuesday, March 30

I Have to Toot... own horn... lol.

Monday, March 29

Howdy Sogg City!

Yes, it's true. I'm a lame blogger. Then again, life has been a bit lame and I figure, Why bring the rest of the world down? Today, however, I just returned from a bit of an impulsive trip to the South...returned with a renewed spirit to Seattle downpours. Some may not consider the South a warm heartland, but for me, it was a heart healthy dose of rekindling friendships and catching up with growing families. It's such a privilege to have the freedom to travel across America, to experience different American culture and beauty. In an attempt to turn over a new leaf, I will try to post more which means 1) my life needs to become more interesting and 2) until then, I will reminisce over my latest Southern adventure. I have some ideas already brewing. For now, I'd like to share a video that one of my friends shared with me... Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy (I'd like to share it with you, but the link isn't working...apologies...)