Saturday, May 1


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Happy May day

Can't decide between these two photos. May 1 is opening day for boating here in Seattle. The Montlake cut is closed for the day as crew teams race from Lake Union to Lake Washington. Everyone with boats, forms a corridor on the east side of the cut, to view the team races and celebrate the day. Hence, the photo of me is on my friends yacht. If I had children, perhaps we would pick flowers and visit the neighbors, ringing and running and yelling, "Happy May Daaaaay!" Seems like the thing to do...although, I don't remember why. Well, here's a photo of the rose bush I purchased in memory of Mama. It's called a Margaret Merrill. I think it's so beautiful in all stages of bud, slightly opened and fully open. I'm pretty proud of this picture too. While living in Austria, there were many stories about the May Pole dance and pranks played on neighbor villages. Now those, those seemed like fun. Tradition. Where has it gone?

Wednesday, April 28

Rain City Chickens

So I just realized that I kinda started another blog... but not really. You see, for the past few months, I've been talking about getting chickens. I grew up with them...which, for the record, does not mean I grew up in a barn...but we raised them in our living room. My dad was more prone to farm stock than he was dogs & cats. Well, something must have carried over from those childhood days. At the risk of repeating myself, I'll send ya over to Back Yard Chickens so you can see what I've been up to. For the moment, the skies have cleared and it's time for a walk.