Thursday, September 16

Hope Unseen

Check out my friends amazing story and interview! New book just released. Be inspired and encouraged and give praise to the Lord above.

Monday, September 13


(typing on my phone) It struck me tonight as it has the last couple days, that it's been a while since I last blogged slash vented. No news is good news? Well, I don't particularly want to be "that" guy, so here I am typing in the dark from my friends east coast apartment. They've been quite generous with their home and especially in squeezing me in between their travels. I am their first house guest since they've relocated from the west coast...and I've tried to be good. Erik and I were housemates for a couple years and he is one whom I trust. It's been good to get more acquainted with his petite wife. Although DC is not where they want "home" to be, they are making the most of it and have found a great little starter church which has helped them find some new friends. Tonight, after a delicious fajita with home made tortillas dinner, Erik helped me realize/see something in a new way. "Ever feel like the world is against you?" I asked. And he stated rather profoundly that the world is against us. The ground is cursed. We will sweat from our brow as we labor in vain....the Lord is for us and in His strength we have hope and perseverance to be examples of Him. Basically, I don't need to point out how rotten the day to day grind is with it's henderances, but instead glory in the days that are less troublesome and difficult. Welcome to the sinful world. Remember the promises of peace that lay ahead. Isn't it interesting that a spontaneous little trip could reveal more than I expected?