Monday, March 26


This last week has flown by, right up to this very morning! I woke late, in a panic, interrupting a very pleasant dream with lots of my friends (lots being too many to fit into a picture) outside on a hot sunny day, by a lake filled with giant orange salmon, laughter and smiles around, to a non sounding alarm clocks (yet again) alerting me to be ready for my 8:45. Sleeping through my alarms is not so unusual, but dreaming is. My heart is still racing from the lickety-split whirlwind of getting ready.

The week has also flown by in that I've not had a chance to mention that this time last week, I was in Las Vegas. It was a quick business trip that I was able to employ four friends. We worked hard and played hard (except for the day we layed by the pool which could actually -in my book anyways- be interpreted as "working" hard). We finished the labor part in two days with two days to spare. So, we drove to the GC. On the way down, we were amazed by Hoover dam and the new, extremely high bridge they are building 1000's of feet above the existing road. It was nice to ride comfortably in a brand new 4runner. Lots of laughs on the way down, and amazement at God's handiwork. Who knew that a big hole could be so beautiful?! On the return, I longed to stop at In-N-Out, but everyone was crashed. I just drove and drove. I thought it was weird that the temperature was going up as the sun was going down, but didn't think much more of it. Evan work up wondering where we were. I told him, "7 miles from the border." He laughed and said, "What border?" I just shrugged my shoulders. Turns out that I didn't make a wrong turn... I simply didn't make a turn at all and landed us in the Mojave Desert. We had a good laugh, and if time wasn't such a factor, we would've kept on driving. All in all, it was a fun and relaxing trip. I didn't think about the depressing realities of home for 5 days with my friends by my side to keep me focused on good times.

In the photo: Ryan, Greg, Rob, Evan & Me