Wednesday, May 4

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Grace, Ruth, Esther & Kevin. Sunday was a beautiful day--it reached 60 for the first time this year. It was a good celebration with Mike and Sarah and their two boys, Jack and Sam. Zach stopped by to see how you've grown. Other neighbor kids, aka party crashers, Josiah, Asher, Pearl, Rose and Marcus, fathers Luke & Reed wished you happy birthday as well. Well all enjoyed strawberry frosted chocolate cupcakes and strawberry lemonade, while you enjoyed your extra special treats of worms, apples, bread & corn. Sponge Bob's happy bday sign decorated your coop. Thank you for all your fresh eggs. Today I'm thankful that I adopted you one year ago. You girls have blossomed into a perfect May Day celebration.

1 comment:

  1. Tristan was asking if only girls had Im here showing him otherwise.
    And realized...I havent seen your blog in a while. Happy birthday to he chickadees! Time for a southern chicken fry?
    bad joke!