Monday, April 16

I'm trying to think...

Did anything important happen today? YES! I made my first angel cake and it tasted delicious! I was quite proud. Had fresh, sweet strawberries for topping. I love it when things work out. I had small group tonight, which was really wonderful to get re-connected with the guys. I sense awkwardness on my part in feeling the disconnect... I realized tonight that I am selfish or self centered... probably both actually. School for them is a bit crazy right now and I have no business taking things personally... but I do. Satan certainly has knows which vices work on me. Lord give me strength. Why angel cake today? My friend finally broke the ties that bound him to a thankless job managed by thugs. He's such a genius and I'm so happy for his new position where he will be appreciated and acknowledged for his brilliance. Thank you Lord for your provision. He already seems like a new person... back to his fun loving, whitty, comic nerd, tomatoe planting self. Certainly a burden has (almost visiably) been lifted. It is for Joe, my inspiration came for angel cake because it is his favorite.

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