Thursday, February 26


It's almost March, but today, Ash Wednesday, it snowed.... snowed this morning too... good 2". The mountains are not working their magic at keeping the flakes off us... Snow in the city is really unusual. This is 17th... lot's of friends live on this street. It was designed by the Olmstead brothers way back in the day. The street is lined with chestnut trees including a row in the median island. It has it's moments of beauty, but most memorable are moments of clean up.
This would be my house. I'm up in the attic with two sky lights. My room's pretty bright. It kinda stinks not to be able to see the street, but I can certainly hear it (esp on thurs-sat nights). Amongst the chaos of vocal life and sirens, I used to hear an occasional whistle from my friend H, which would be my cue to chaperone her dog walk through our dodgy Mary Poppins neighborhood. Her pup had to be put down this last fall, 11 months after her husband passed away. May they both rest in peace.

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