Thursday, March 5

The weight of the world

Is starting to sink in. Just today, I was knocked up side the head with discouragement, foreclosures, homes in Detroit selling for $19,000 wondering how I'll ever be able to afford a 700K fix-er-upper in the city that I enjoy, wondering what the heck is going on with government and all the wacky decisions they continue to make locally and in DC, wondering where my next paycheck will come from, wondering who will ever hire me if my current situation changes, wondering if I've once again been rejected by a girl before things even have a chance to heat up, peering out my skylight to see rolling gray clouds...(well, I actually don't mind the rolling clouds so much). I literally pulled the blankets over my head and went back to sleep. It's quite easy to spin out. And yet, I got out of bed, arranged to meet a loyal friend at SBUX--discovered more common ground between us, we both loved feeling the sun on our skin as it broke through the ominous clouds, smiled at my snowdrops, proudly discovered my peonies breaking ground, got invited to be in a wedding and had a delicious slice of homemade carrot cake. I'm glad I got out of bed. Who knows what tomorrow holds? No matter how much I trust in the Lord, each day still holds it's challenges and rewards.....

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