Monday, December 7

Am I Alone?

I just got home from taking 5 friends to the movies, The Blind Side. (Good reviews from all of us.) It was nice to break our regular meeting routine and to "be" outside "doing" something different. Breaking routine is good. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Brief discussion followed as we headed to the car a parking lot away. I... however, didn't want it to end, so suggested we head to a burger place to get shakes or something. Since it's 30 degrees outside, they thought something hot sounded better. I decided to take them to Chocolati for a delicious hot chocolate...

I hoped we'd sit for a while and talk about the movie, or life or something... but it was really warm inside, so we stood outside (go figure the logic here) in the freezing cold drinking our hot drinks. Ten minutes later, drinks gone, the cold starts to bite, so we pile in my truck and I take em home.

Here is the question. Why is it, the minute they stepped outside of my car and ran into the house, did I instantly feel all alone??? We had a good time... I enjoyed treating everyone... but by the time I walked into my house (only a block away) I felt.... not sure that destitute is the right word... but I did feel lonely. How can this be after just spending a nice time with friends?

. . . . . .......sigh!

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