Monday, March 29

Howdy Sogg City!

Yes, it's true. I'm a lame blogger. Then again, life has been a bit lame and I figure, Why bring the rest of the world down? Today, however, I just returned from a bit of an impulsive trip to the South...returned with a renewed spirit to Seattle downpours. Some may not consider the South a warm heartland, but for me, it was a heart healthy dose of rekindling friendships and catching up with growing families. It's such a privilege to have the freedom to travel across America, to experience different American culture and beauty. In an attempt to turn over a new leaf, I will try to post more which means 1) my life needs to become more interesting and 2) until then, I will reminisce over my latest Southern adventure. I have some ideas already brewing. For now, I'd like to share a video that one of my friends shared with me... Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy (I'd like to share it with you, but the link isn't working...apologies...)

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