Tuesday, August 3

Hello Blog

"You may have to be patient; think, listen and heed signs."

Humpf. Thought I could do this, get back in the blog swing of things, but the above was my fortune cookie devoured a moment ago and the undertow I seem to be battling. The last few weeks have had their challenges. Doesn't every mama impress upon their child, "If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say nothing at all"? Oh, Mama. Will I forever remain silent? A friend asked me today, "How's your summer been? Any highlights?" And do you know, my mind drew a dumbfounded blank. Is it the day? Or the mood? Or the sad reality that nothing memorable has happened this summer? There certainly has been challenges which in my tiny world seem monumental but I know all too well in the bigger picture... there are far worse things occurring and things could get worse. (hope and change has evaded me this year mr. president.) So a note to say that I am still occupying more than my fair share of space and perhaps the suns rays will shine brighter tomorrow.

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  1. Well its about time for a new post.

    THanks for sharing honestly, vulnerably.

    Hoping for a new day and new hope for your heart today!

    Will send an email later with the pics you requested. Would make for a great FB profile pic if you ask me:-)