Sunday, March 15

Today, my friends Joe and Anna are proud pug puppy rescuers. For Joe's birthday, Anna got a puppy. Technically, they will deny it since Joe's birthday was last weekend... regardless, Anna has finally gotten her wish. Acer, the puppy, is approximately 11 months old according to the rescue vet. His color is brindle which is really unusual for a pug. Personally, I'm more of a great dane kinda guy, but this little fella is so incredibly soft and puppy like, only the coldest of cold would turn a blind eye. I'm baffled that they found such a pup needing to be rescued. They are still deciding on a name, keeping Acer as a middle name. The best thing about this little guy is his sweet temperment. We sat on the floor and played and held and cuddled him until he couldn't stand it anymore. It was such a treat to be his first introduction into the Joe & Anna family. They will be great care givers and I will do my best to be a good uncle. Name suggestions allowed.

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