Thursday, October 8


Today (and yesterday), I helped a friend research some materials for the remodel of her 1910 Craftsman home. She's exhausted. It is not easy to combine her tastes with her husbands, wanting to please everyone, deal with designers, contractors, general laborers (like the dillweeds that working on restoring/staining her business or not, some people simply do not belong in the front line of dealing with customers!) Then of course, I throw in my two-cents, by her request which is great... but I want to respect the boundaries of that request and friendship, and honor her tastes and thoughts while offering my honest-but not hurtful-opinions. Taking on such a task of a remodel, no matter the scale, has an Eiger of decisions to be made.

Lighting alone, is such a mountain. One thing that I think is great through the process is that in the quest to find the "perfect lighting", you're able to narrow down your tastes. You have to look at billions of lighting fixtures, seemingly, to discover the cliche and mundane, ugly, cold commercial, tacky, wishful thinking, and ahh...just the right one. We did the 3 bedroom ceiling lights, the stairwell, landing, and entry. We even have a back up plan if things, for whatever reason, don't look perfect. It was really rewarding to see her smile as she made her first purchase. Sighs of relief. Twinkles of delight.

I'm glad to be her friend. I'm glad for the opportunity to explore materials and furnishings with someone else in mind. It makes me feel good to have someone who wants to know my thoughts and appreciate them and even utilize them. In this, I am blessed.

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