Monday, October 5

Seasons changing

Some Autumns are better than others. Temperatures plummeted last couple weeks to the 40's but slowly and surely it's warming back up again. This is the habit of the beautiful Northwest. And as with every season of change, there are challenges. Certainly, some days are better than others... but always challenging non the less. Along with happy feelings, there is discomfort. Optimism battles reality. Sunsets are precious and beautiful. Leaves crunching underfoot are brittle skeletons of what once held prismatic glory. Alas, this is life. This is the inhaling and exhaling of existence that must occur. Life, and death. It's easy to feel the presence of God in the warmth of the sun on my face, and his Spirit in the sunbeams radiating from heaven. It's in the overcast clouds that my faith quivers. Rhetorical questions swirl in the vortex of my mind. The orchestrated chaos of change wisps me about like a fallen leaf in a miniature twister. Oh.... to be a mighty oak... (or a chestnut tree such as these above) rooted in the rich soil of God's grace and mercy.

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