Thursday, April 15

A day late...

...and a dollar short. S-t-o-r-y of my life. Not sure the relevance yet, but that's how I'm feeling. First off, what was I thinking going to the post office to mail a long procrastinated care package on tax day?! I was thinking: 1- It's way past high time I got rid of this stuff, 2- It's a gorgeous day in Seattle, cool ocean breeze, 62 degrees, 3- I need to mail this check that my accountant said I needed to mail (hopefully it wasn't yesterday) to avoid late fees... So yeah, pretty much caught up in my own world.

Qdoba routinely has the CNN on. I prefer Fox News. But I like to practice speed reading the subtitles while I have lunch. Turns out, there's a huge volcano in Iceland that just erupted...four days ago. Gosh! Where have I been? I am often baffled how long it takes me to hear the news. This photo flashed across their screen which I thought was super beautiful. I wish it could be bigger. I've wanted to go to Iceland for years, not for any good reason, but just to go. I seldom need a reason. Being there for the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano would have made an awesome story... and perhaps I could have taken a few great pictures myself.
Photo by Ólafur Eggertsson, from the farm Þorvaldseyri

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