Wednesday, April 14

the Pursuit...

...of nice looking hair. A friend and I went to our longstanding favorite Mexican place, Gordito's, and afterwards, as tradition has it, we end up at Fred Meyer across the street to browse for sweet deals and usually buying something that we can do without. Since I'm wearing my hair longer these days, it's even more of a challenge keep it looking...complimentary. (this is where I start sounding more like a offense ladies.)

"All you need for moist, smooth and seductive hair in one irresistible formula." This comes directly from the Organix website. I'm just looking for not frizzy, dry hair. I want Pantene curls and shine. I'll gladly take "moist, smooth and (especially) seductive" hair. In college, I grew my hair super long despite favor with my mom. I was determined to prove her wrong. What? She has her own self to thank for my stubbornness and determination. (thanks mama) That was a big success. Not instantly of course, but when all her friends and strangers at the mall and market would go out of their way to tell me "What beautiful hair you have..." she'd lean in making her presence known which led to the inevitable question, "Is he your son? You must be so proud." Yeah. Seemed I had the world on my side. For the first time in my life, I was getting attention achieving something less common to man. Sadly, as expected, all the compliments went slowly, but surely, to my head. It took a few years, but after one life changing afternoon, I realized that there wasn't a parked car or store window that I didn't look in.

Ha. Actually wanted to talk about the new Organix shampoo conditioner I found. It was expensive (for me), but came with a complete mail-in rebate. If all goes well, it will be free. It has a really nice fragrance. I'm a sucker for conditioner with mint. I also like to travel, and this comes from Australian Teatrees. Today was the first day. Backup, yesterday was a horribly dry, no good, very bad, frizzy day. The new shampoo and conditioner has a true test and I'm quite pleased at the results. The mint is not as scalp tingling as I like but an hour later, there is a lifting freshness. The fragrance is mild and interesting (in a good way). It'll take a few more tries to identify just what it is, but I'm pleased! :D Seldom do I get good results right off that bat, but Day 1, I applaud you Teatree Organix!

Being from Seattle, I should also mention that it's in recycled packaging, ink, labels...not something I normally look for, but I'm glad it's part of this sweet deal.

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