Tuesday, April 10

Happy Easter!

Good Friday service was really good this year. Was this the first time I've been to Good Friday? It was a busy day. Mowed 2 lawns and washed a very dirty car and 3 SUV's. Super gorgeous day and in the mid 70's. Love it when the weather is nice. Had Easter brunch with the Andersons...mexican. I made cheesy cheddar homemade bread, but it was really doughy inside. They were kind with compliments... it tasted ok, but was really doughy. Erg! This always happens when you want to make a good impression. Sat in the front row at church which I never do... Pastor Richard was hitting a point home and actually wacked me on the knee! I felt every eye turn to me and my face go beet red, but still, I tried to play it cool... pretty funny really. Glad I wasn't sleeping!

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