Saturday, April 14

The Outcome

Once again, the Lord has supplied me with strength and tolerance beyond my own ability. He was faithful in hearing and answering my prayer of patience and being slow to anger. The discussion with the property manager went well. I believe we both began the meeting a little awkward and prepared for a fight, however, fists were not needed. Everything was laid out on the table. They said that they did not want us to move out and were going to continue to make improvements. I am cautiously optimistic. The property manager said he realized in the year he's been working there, that they do not have the best reputation and he would like to change that. He also said that he'd like us to stay, continuing on with what we are doing, and there were no plans to raise rent in the fall. They understood why 2 guys have moved out and deducted that from our rent, but would like it filled or resumed in May. So, now roommates are what we need. .....i'm writing crappy.... what is wrong with me??? I totally got lost tonight...I tagged along to a 7 year old's bday party and took her grandma home, but totally got lost returning to the Pump It Up place... SO twisted and turned around...i can't even tell you where i was...i couldn't tell north from south, east from west....i'm not really tired, but feel like laying down.... Listening to the Album Leaf now... it's melodic and meandering.... like my mind.... can't tell if the the tide is coming in or going out.........just spacey.

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